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Sexual health is an essential part of overall health and wellness, but if you don’t feel confident about your body or are experiencing changes in vaginal moisture or sensation, it isn’t always easy to connect with your partner. Dana R. Towle, MD, PC, understands those challenges and offers treatments that can help women in Kansas City, Missouri, achieve lasting improvements. Schedule a personalized consultation online or by phone to meet with Dr. Towle and discuss how ThermiVaⓇ can help.

ThermiVa Q & A

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a nonsurgical procedure that enhances vaginal function and improves the appearance of female external genitalia. It’s a revolutionary concept in women’s health that enables women to reverse age-related changes and feel great about their appearance during intimacy.

The treatment works by using radiofrequency energy to stimulate cellular changes in your vagina and labia. Some of the improvements available through ThermiVa treatments include:

  • Increased vaginal moisture
  • Improved vaginal sensation
  • Restored sexual desire
  • Improved vaginal tightness
  • Tighter and small vulva
  • Stronger orgasms

ThermiVa is also a great treatment option for mild urinary incontinence.

What happens during ThermiVa treatments?

There is no pain associated with ThermiVa treatments. You simply relax on the exam table or chair during your 20-30 minute session. There’s no need for anesthesia or topical numbing medication.

The treatment wand was designed to align perfectly with a woman’s anatomy. The wand delivers radiofrequency energy both inside your vagina and externally. Many women report a sensation similar to a warm massage, but there is no significant heat or discomfort.

The radiofrequency gently heats the deeper layers of your skin. Your body responds to that heat with a powerful healing effect, producing new tissue and boosting circulation in that region. As that new tissue develops, your vaginal walls grow thicker, which creates the tightening effect. External tissues contract, shrinking the size of your labia.

Treatments can also boost sensitivity in your vagina and external tissues. Even vaginal moisture levels return to normal, which helps you connect with your partner without discomfort.

How long does it take to see results after ThermiVa?

It takes time for your body to create new tissue. For most women, a series of treatments is the best way to achieve optimal results. You begin to notice improvements within a few weeks, but it may take several months for the full effects to take place.

Dr. Towle can estimate the number of treatments you need during your consultation. That treatment plan can be adjusted depending on how your body responds to ThermiVa. To explore this innovative treatment in greater detail, call or use the online booking tool to set up your visit today.