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Dana R. Towle, MD, PC

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You may not give your earlobes much thought until or unless they become torn or damaged, or you might dislike the overall shape and size of your earlobes. If so, Dana R. Towle, MD, PC, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Kansas City, Missouri, can help. Earlobe repair surgery is a relatively simple and straightforward solution that can improve the appearance of your earlobes. To learn more, come in for a consultation today. You can book a visit online or over the phone, so don’t delay.

Earlobe Repair Q & A

Why have my earlobes changed over time?

The aging process affects all parts of the body, and your earlobes are no exception. Over time you might notice that your earlobes appear to be sagging, or that the very lowest portion is thinner or wider than it once was. These changes happen as your skin begins to sag and grow thinner.

Earlobes can also become damaged due to wearing heavy earrings or having an earring become caught on clothing, hair, or bedding. In some cases, a decision to wear gauge-style earrings for a number of years can dramatically alter the shape and appearance of your earlobes.

Fortunately, the procedure to correct all of these changes is a simple earlobe repair surgery.

What happens during earlobe repair surgery?

These procedures are done using local anesthesia, so you remain awake and alert during surgery, but won’t feel a thing. Dr. Towle uses tiny sutures to close or tighten the opening in your earlobe.

If your earlobe damage is more extensive, he surgically reconstructs the lobe to create a more aesthetically pleasing outcome. That might involve simply suturing a longer tear back together, or removing excess tissue and shortening your earlobes.

There are also surgical techniques that can reposition your ears closer to your head or improve their overall shape. This can make a world of difference in the confidence of those who feel their ears are too large or extend too far from the side of the head.

In most cases, you need to have both earlobes corrected to maintain symmetry. If you’ve sustained trauma to only one earlobe, the damage may be corrected without altering the other earlobe.

What is the recovery process like after earlobe repair?

You receive detailed instructions for caring for your earlobes as they heal. You should avoid touching or scratching the area, which can be difficult during the first few days.

It’s also important to sleep upright for a couple of weeks to avoid placing pressure on your earlobes. Dr. Towle checks your healing progress during your postoperative visit and lets you know when you can resume normal sleep positioning.

If you have questions about earlobe repair surgery, find answers through a personalized consultation. Set up a visit with Dr. Towle using the online booking tool or call the office.